You’re my World

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You’re my World – © Copyright 2019

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly.


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We are all scrambling to make good, make up and put things right, because we have all made our own individual contribution toward harming the very thing that we should love, nurture and cherish, our world.
“You’re my world” is a love song.  It’s about the love we have for our world, facing our mistakes and the promise to put things right, just like when we hurt someone we love.   The lyrics speak to the world as if it were human with understanding.  How often do we tell a loved one, “You mean the world to me.”  “You’re my world.”  Meaning they are exceptional, valued, important and loved.  When you view  the world that way, it becomes very emotional.


“To transform our relationship with the Earth, we need to begin from a place of love, writes Zen master, poet, and peace and human rights activist Thích Nhất Hạnh in his small but profound book, Love Letter to the Earth. In this excerpt, he gently urges us not to see the Earth as the “environment,” but rather as a great bodhisattva. In his words, “The Earth is not just the environment. The Earth is us.”


Mix: Gabs Agostino



SINGLE: You’re my World

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There’s a spotlight on our world right now, bringing into sharp focus the consequence of decades of human activity and the devastating effect it is having.


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Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly








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