Dust and Dreams

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DUST AND DREAMS – © Copyright 2018

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian Kelly.

Arrangement: Mark Simpkin and Ian Kelly.


Special Guest Performer:

Jack Buckskin: Didgeridoo/Sticks/Ancestral Vocals


Watch the Dust and Dreams Song Video: 



Dust and Dreams is a song written and produced by Adelaide band MOSS, in collaboration with Mr. Jack Buckskin, a linguist and teacher of Kaurna language at the Tauondi Aboriginal College. (Susan Craig lead singer and lyricist. Mark Simpkin lead guitarist and composer).


The motivation to write Dust and Dreams came after Susan and Mark spent a month in the Australian outback last year, where they saw the devastation of many Aboriginal communities who were struggling to survive and felt compelled to become involved and help. Dust and Dreams is a song that mixes hard social comment with hope.  Symbolic, yet practical, sincere and real, fostering a sense of unity between indigenous and non indigenous Australians.

Recorded Chapel Lane Studios;

Audio Engineer and Producer: Gabs Agostino

Track Mastered by: DISK EDITS


SINGLE: Dust and Dreams

Downloadable files:

– Dust and Dreams.wav

– Dust and Dreams .Mp3

– Dust and Dreams-Lyrics.pdf

– Dust and Dreams-Chords & Lyrics.pdf


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Song Track



Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin


Dust and Dreams


Heartland Rock




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