In excess of life

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In Excess of Life © Copyright

Lyrics: Suzie Craig

 Music: Mark Simpkin and Clive Pollard


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The late Michal Hutchence front man of INXS was one of our most talented and successful musicians and lyricists in Australia, if not the world.


Some people at some point push the boundaries of their physical and emotional tolerance and indulge in excess of what their minds and bodies can take.


This lifestyle is not only reserved for the rich and famous, but for any person, especially the young, who we see time and time again waste their precious lives. I knew another Michael personally, who also had the world at his feet. He was lovable, kind, funny and productively and happily enjoying life as a young man. Until one night of excess ended it all for him. So whilst “In Excess of Life” may appear to have a focus on the late Michael Hutchence, it’s really using this high profile example as an opportunity to express the sadness of any life that is lost this way.


SINGLE: In Excess of Life

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Lyrics: Susan Craig, Music: Clive Pollard & Mark Simpkin


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