22nd January 2024, Rock Rescue reaches Number 1 on the Atomic Top 20 Chart. Wow! thank you to Atomic, all the National FM Radio Stations who play our music and especially the Listeners for your support of not only MOSS and our song “ROCK RESCUE”, but new Australian original music in general. All these bands and more I’m sure are as grateful for your support as we are. ROCK ON!!!.


TOP: Mark & Ned 1972 Bottom: Mark & Ned during the filming of Summer of ’75 in December 2020. They have a long history together. Both going to Brighton Boys Technical High School (Later Mawson High School) and beginning their journey in music together in a Band called INPACK. INPACK were resident on Adelaide’s version of Hey Hey its SATURDAY in the summer of 1972 / 1973. See Ned, Mark and the rest of their band MOSS in the video clip SUMMER of ’75. To view, FOLLOW THIS LINK:


30th December 2023, Rock Rescue reaches Number 7 on the Atomic Top 20 Chart. Thanks to all that made that possible. Fingers crossed it goes higher.

Our song “Rock Rescue” will be played on National FM broadcast this week! Tune in via one of Atomic‘s participating FM Radio Stations!
The following song(s) will be played on this weeks Top Twenty music charts:
Anna Leeworthy – Garden
Becky Harris – Stir Crazy
Bohemian Rogue – Too old to be a Rockstar
Glen James Clare – ALRIGHT BY ME
Gourmet Mouse Trap – Christmas Time Again
Human Dinosaur Machine – Trash
Isadora’s Dream – Safe Passage
Jesse Filby – Everything is Green
Kerin Carr – Rosie
Ms.Elly – No Real Conversation
pMad – Who Am I
Shepdogz – Worthy
Sonic Keys – Stick Together
Stuart Rennie – When Winter Comes
TCAT – SHALLOW (ft. Futuristic & Okafuwa)
The Square Tugs – No Shoes 2 Mobile Phone (Explicit)
Total Radio Silence – Illusions of Grandeur
Trick Shot – No One Wins Unless We All Win
Many thanks to Atomic for supporting local original artists. You Rock!
Sad to see Stan Grant off the air. He promotes healthy food for thought which is why we are so disappointed people of a high calibre such as Stan Grant still have to endure people with so little to offer that all they have is hate speech and threats. We do hope to see him again soon.


Another terrific experience performing at the Port Noarlunga Hotel for the 2022 Port Noarlunga Blues festival

Photo was taken at the Port Noarlunga Art Centre on March 7 2022 while filming our latest single “G.A.D.A.” (Give a Damn Australia) Released 22nd March 2022. Left to Right: Ian (NED) Kelly, Dave Redhead, Dave Anthony, Suzie Craig, Mark Simpkin
WATCH “G.A.D.A.” Song Video

“Spinifex Blues” was released on the 11th November 2021. Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (Ned) Kelly
WATCH “Spinifex Blues” Song Video


“Walking’ Cruisy” was released on the 4th November 2021. Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (Ned) Kelly
WATCH “Walkin’ Cruisey” Song Video

Left to Right: Dave Anthony, Mark Simpkin, Ian (NED) Kelly, Dave Redhead. Taken during preparations for the filming of our song “Summer of ’75” at Aldinga Beach South Australia on the 19th December 2020


WATCH “Summer of ’75” Song Video


Suzie Craig, taken during preparations for the filming of our song “Summer of ’75” at Aldinga Beach South Australia on the 19th December 2020

Taken in the Adelaide Hills during the filming of our song “DIRTY GAME” on the 27th September 2020. From Left to Right: Raji Kelly, Mark Hudson, Aboma Kelly. “DIRTY GAME” was released on the 4th November 2020
WATCH “Dirty Game” Song Video


“Mediterranean Holiday” Lyrics: Ian (NED) Kelly Music: Ian (NED) Kelly and Mark Simpkin was Released on the 18th JULY 2020
WATCH “Mediterranean Holiday” Song Video


“Rock Rescue” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly was Released on the 8th May 2020
WATCH “Rock Rescue” Song Video


“Pippi’s Song” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly was Released on the 28th March 2020
WATCH “Pippi’s Song” Song Video


“Afghan Express” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly was Released on the 1st January 2019
WATCH “Afghan Express” Song Video


“You’re my World” Released 6th November 2019. Lyrics Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (NED) Kelly
WATCH “You’re my World” Song Video


MOSS has a new Bass Player and we are pleased to welcome into the group Dave (RED) Redhead: Left to Right: Mark Simpkin, Dave (RED) Redhead, Ian (NED) Kelly, Suzie Craig, Dave Anthony


The Messenger story about the 2019 Port Noarlunga Blues Festival: Left to Right: Kaye Erskine, Mark Simpkin, Chris Finnen, Suzie Craig, Michael Bradshaw, Jane Murdoch

Happy with this, ROCK GOD make no 7 on the AMRAP Regional Charts. Thank you AMRAP for this support system for local original artists and thank you to the radio stations that draw upon the AMRAP AIRIT resources, you guys rock!
“Rock God” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin was launched on the 6th May 2016
WATCH “Rock God” Song Video


CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO LISTEN: Sue and Mark talk to Clayton and Adrian, the Radio Adelaide Songcatcher crew about the “DUMB IDEA” the Government has regarding the establishment of a National Radioactive Nuclear Waste Storage Facility in the heart of our pristine grain country and the jewel in our tourism crown the Flinders Ranges.
CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO LISTEN: Sue and Mark talk to Clayton and Adrian, the Radio Adelaide Songcatcher crew and their listeners about MOSS, their song writing and their musical journey.
Sue talks to Cat Beaton of Umeewarra Radio 89.1fm about our trip to Hawker to perform in support of the local community who have unempathetically had to resist the Federal Governments persistent efforts to establish a Nuclear Waste Dump on there door step. Our government is proposing that South Australian and indeed Australia become the dumping ground for nuclear waste. Correspondence received along with our own reading has so far revealed but is not restricted to the following: – Project leaders demonstrate little to no knowledge of the life cycle of a TN18 ZWILAG storage canister – ANSTO’s safety record is shameful – To be built within Australia’s most seismic regions – On a fault line – On a flood plain – Above ground – With national parks either side – Neighbouring working farmland – Near human habitation, – Defying traditional ownership appeals to STOP! This is a decision that once made is irrevocable.
During our performance at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel on the 18th August 2018, Claude (Drummer Warumpi Band) came for our show and honoured us by joining us on stage for an encore where he sung Warumpi’s hit song Wuru. An immense thrill for us all. Left to Right: Dave, NED, Sue, Claude, Mark, Justin
Brett and Simon on Hobart Radio 96.1 FM. Simon happened to be in Adelaide and visited us at our “Guitars in Bars” GIB Crawl#3 show at the Lady Daly Hotel. He kindly had a chat about us on radio when he got home
Advertiser-Friday, 29Jun2018-Page68
Libby Carmody of Tjuma Pulka 96 3FM in Kalgoolie spoke to Suzie about MOSS’s new song Dust & Dreams Wednesday 27th June 2018
MOSS at the launch of our new single “DUST and DREAMS” on the 22ND JUNE 2018 FRIDAY 6.00 – 8.00PM at the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute. Left to Right: Ian Kelly, Dave Anthony, Mark Simpkin, Suzie Craig, Jack (Kanya) Buckskin and Justin Wynn
Many thanks to Jack Buckskin for his input toward the lyrics of this song. “Warraitya Tangkuinyanthi” meaning “Dust and Dreams” Didgeridoo, Clap Sticks, and Ancestral Voice on the recording are courtesy of Jack.
WATCH “Dust & Dreams” Song Video
Inspiration for Sue’s Painting came from our trip through the Kimberley in June 2017. This painting was completed specifically for our Song “Dust & Dreams” and subsequently became part of the MOSS Logo. This painting was purchased by the City of Marion Council.
MOSS at the Filming of our new single “DUST and DREAMS” on Tuesday the 5th June 2018 in the Hallett Cove Conservation Park. Left to Right: Mark Simpkin, Ian Kelly, Suzie Craig, Dave Anthony and Justin Wynn
For complete “Back Story” click on the image
Putting down the final touches to our latest song, Dust and Dreams at Chapel Lane. Dust and Dreams has been a collaborative project, engaging the talents of Jack Buckskin. Jack assisted us in not only creating and recording some amazing haunting ancient sounds with his didg, rhythmic clap sticks and his ancestral vocals, but has also assisted in the translation of some of our lyrics into Kaurna language. Jack Buckskin is a linguist and teacher of an endangered language. Jack’s mission is to teach the Kaurna language, the language of his ancestors, to as many people as he can. Among other things, we hope Dust and Dreams helps to raise awareness of Jacks mission, as he has dedicated much of his adult life to his passion. We are all very excited about this project and are looking forward to launching our song very soon. More about the story behind Dust and Dreams to follow.


“Bankster Blues” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (Ned) Kelly was launched on the 1st May 2018
WATCH “Bankster Blues” Song Video

MOSS performing “In Excess of Life” LIVE at the Jetty Bar Glenelg on the 1st September 2017

“I’d rather wear a hat than wear a halo” (“Hat’s & Halo’s) Lyrics: Suzie Craig Music: Mark Simpkin, C Pollard, G Knowles & P Cornthwaite was released on the 10th January 2017


WATCH “Hat’s & Halo’s” Song Video
“Children in the Crossfire” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin Released 9th January 2017


WATCH “Children in the Crossfire: Song Video

Mara Bonnaci’s 3CR Radio Program focuses on the Federal Governments notion to polluter the Flinders Ranges with Nuclear Waste Do we need a dump to have nuclear medicine? On this week’s radioactive show we speak to Dr Margaret Beavis from MAPW, the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, who dispels some of the misinformation that the government is spreading in their attempt to persuade remote communities to accept a dump in their region. The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) works for the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction and the prevention of armed conflict. Music from this show was “Start Thinking” by Adelaide heartland rock band Moss who write about political and social issues of concern and this song is about the dumping of nuclear waste.

“ROCK GOD” co-written by Mark Simpkin, Susan Craig, Clive Pollard, G Knowles & P Cornthwaite, has won the “Demo Open” Category in this years FOOM 2017 Competition. Congratulations to all artists that took part in this years FOOM 2017.
WATCH “Rock God” Song Video
Thanks to the team at the Sunday Mail, Independant Lifestyle for your interest in MOSS, much appreciated. 27th August 2017

Sunday Mail 27 Aug 2017

Advertiser Article 7th April 2017 discussing our performance at SCORCHERFEST 30th April 2017
You certainly know where you sit in the grand scheme of things when you see yourself on the same page as an artist of the stature of Carlos Santana. In the words of Wayne and Garth, “We are not worthy”
Mark and Sue talk to Peter Goers, ABC 891 Adelaide on his Drive show about our up and coming Fringe Season where we will take our show “FACE THE MUSIC” to the Arts Centre Port Noarlunga 25th February and the Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton on the 8th and 12th March 2017
Thanks to 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM and Rob McLennan for inviting us on the show today, always a pleasure seeing you all. Today’s discussion was about our up and coming Adelaide Fringe season beginning this Saturday Night (25th Feb) at the Arts Centre Port Noarlunga and then on March 8th & 12th at the Wheatsheaf Hotel. If you missed the interview and you have 15 minutes to spare, we invite you to listen.
Article Southern Times 22nd February 2017
POSTER: Adelaide Fringe 2017: “Face the Music”
Thank you from White Ribbon: Cintra Amos and Gillian Lewis Co-Convenors, Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast Committee


“Start Thinking” Lyrics: Susan Craig, Music: Mark Simpkin and Clive Pollard Released on the 9th May 2016


WATCH “Start Thinking” Song Video
“Ode to the 70’s” Lyrics: Susan Craig Music: Mark Simpkin was released on the 9th May 2016


WATCH “Ode to the 70’s” Song Video
You’re braver than you believe makes the 2016 top 30 for Indie Rock in the Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) awards. Lyrics: Suzie Craig Music Clive Pollard & Mark Simpkin


“You’re braver than you believe” Lyrics: Susan Craig, Music: Mark Simpkin and Clive Pollard Released on the 16th August 2016, cut through a field of 800 entrants to reach the Top 30 in the 2016 Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) awards. We’re quite chuffed.
WATCH “You’re Braver than you Believe” Song Video


Mark & Suzie talk to Sonya Feldhoff on ABC Adelaide. ABC Interview 17 November 2016
Mark & Suzie talk to Matt Stephens on ABC Riverland Program. ABC Interview 9 November 2016
Mark & Suzie talk to Narelle Grahame on ABC North & West Program. ABC Interview 8 November 2016
Adelaide Radio 101.5 FM’s show Songcatcher Mark and Suzie are interviewed by Adelaide Radio’s Monday evening show called Songcatcher. Their hosts on the night were: Clayton Werner Clair Thackray Adrian Miller Recorded ont he 10th October 2016 9:00pm to 10:00pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.23.51 PM
MOSS PERFORMANCE CRITIQUE by Pete McLaughlin, Owner of Distillery Studios, Adelaide and veteran of the London music scene. Reference CD Launch “Face the Music” The GOV 7th August 2016
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.19.58 PM
MOSS PERFORMANCE CRITIQUE by Anthony Cavallaro, Events Management Unit Weekend Warriors SA. Reference CD Launch “Face the Music” The GOV 7th August 2016
CD Cover “FACE THE MUSIC” released on the 7th August 2016. The Launch was at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Port Road Hindmarsh South Australia
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 7.20.30 AM
Tray ART for MOSS CD “Face the Music” released 7th August 2016. Thank you to all who helped make this happen.
B SIDE Magazine; Issue 0067 4th August 2016
Mark & Suzie talk to Ian Henschke on ABC Adelaide “Drive” Program. 891 ABC Interview 1 July 2016
MOSS article
B SIDE Magazine; Issue 0067 4th August 2016
Here is our recent interview with Ian Hensche on Adelaide, South Australia’s 891 ABC Adelaide where we discussed our new CD to be launched at the The Gov on the 7th August 2016 called Face the Music. Following a recent interview with Bernard Fanning a week earlier on Ian’s “Drive” program, he spoke of Fannings concerns for “the lack of musicians prepared to tackle political issues”. Ian was particularly interested in our focus on social issues and we were please to be given the opportunity to speak with him about our work. we hope you enjoy this interview.
The Article in the Riverland Paper of our pending performance at MOOROK 2016 at the Moorook & District Club
Advertiser article 4th April 2016
Peter Withy
Peter Withy Marketing consultant and co-founder of KWP!.
SCALA - Belle
We had a lot of fun presenting Belle to SCALA and appreciated meeting the SCALA members

Moss Band from Adelaide, Australia