MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock, Pop & Blues Band with a sound reminiscent of the 1970’s. MOSS writes social / political songs aimed to get messages important to them out there and they love to see you groove.
MOSS members grew up in an era where songs were very much media commentary. The stage was the podium, the lyrics the speeches, as this was their principal platform to express their political and social voice in our early years.  MOSS still believe there is much yet to be said so they say it through their songs. Songs with a social message continue to resonate with them.

This Months Song: DIRTY GAME

 LYRICS: Susan Craig  MUSIC: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly

In the light of the mayhem in local and national politics at present, we thought we would roll out our song Dirty Game.   


Suzie Craig:           Lead singer / Guitar / Percussion (Facebook) (Website) (Bio)

Mark Simpkin:     Guitar / Backing Vocals  (Bio)

Ian (NED) Kelly:   Guitar, Keyboards / Backing Vocals (Bio)

Dave Redhead:     Bass Guitar (Facebook) (Website)

Dave Anthony:     Drums (Facebook) (Website) (Bio)

Jake de Graaf:      MOSS Sound Tech




“Moss writes and performs songs that have a little more to them than the steady diet of regurgitated emotional claptrap……” Ref: John Schumann; Composer, Performer & Writer
“……Their performance interwove inspired lyrics with visuals and performance…….The excellent songwriting of MOSS goes straight to core of what is happening in our times. They are the modern day griots of the Western world ….. They epitomise the creative act of hope….. I would highly recommend supporting this band. They are highly creative, collaborative, and what they are saying is worth listening to.” Ref; Naomi Ebert Smith, Co-Chair, Graham F Smith Peace Foundation
“MOSS’s forte is in writing songs that attract our attention then resonate with us every time we hear them – familiar, effective styles coupled with uniquely presented sentiments of consequence inspiring us to contemplate as we’re tapping our feet. This is how a band stands out in this industry.” Jac Dalton
“…….Projected images behind the band illustrate the subject matter of most of the songs and guide you through their journey.  The music has an unapologetic hat tip to the 70’s. No bad thing and their sound and show are big enough for any arena.” Ref: Pete McLaughlin; Owner of Distillery Studios, Adelaide and veteran of the London music scene.

Some Highlights

  • 2019 “ROCK GOD” made number 7 on the Amrap Regional Charts
  • September 2017 “ROCK GOD” won 1st place in the SCALA song writing competition.
  • “You’re braver than you believe” made the top 30 in the 2016 Australian Songwriters Association Inc (ASA) Australian Songwriting Contest.
  • The Song “You’re braver than you believe” was embraced by the Portugal prevention against domestic violence organisation APAV
  • Multi AFI award winning cinematographer Malcolm Ludgate seeks to make a music video for our song Belle (Will you still love me when I change).





Moss Band from Adelaide, Australia