Rock Rescue

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Rock Rescue – © Copyright 2020

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly.


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You twist and turn your way through the thrum of the crowds and wriggle into your place among the sea of concert goers.

Not quite in the zone; with lingering thoughts of your troubles and tensions of the day, the week, the year or even a lifetime. You scan unfamiliar faces and anticipate the arrival those faces you’ve come to know on stage.

Then, just one smack of the drum, one blistering rebellious sound of the guitar, one candescent explosion on the stage and you’re rescued . . . rescued from everything that was a moment ago in just a split second.

Unbridled, amplified rock. More than music; it’s an attitude with a wicked grin making you feel awesome, making you feel safe; like the sounds of a siren coming to your rescue, you know everything’s going to be OK.

A big shout out to all those rock bands who blasted their way into our lives and hearts and make us feel great. This one is for you guys. Thaaankkkyoooo.


SINGLE: Rock Rescue

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There’s a spotlight on our world right now, bringing into sharp focus the consequence of decades of human activity and the devastating effect it is having.


Rock Rescue  © Copyright 2020

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (NED) Kelly



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Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly








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