Start Thinking

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START THINKING – © Copyright 2016

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Clive Pollard


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Our government is proposing that South Australian and indeed Australia become the dumping ground for nuclear waste.

Correspondence received along with our own reading has so far revealed but is not restricted to the following:

– Project leaders demonstrate little to no knowledge of the life cycle of a TN18 ZWILAG storage canister

– ANSTO’s safety record is shameful

– To be built within Australia’s most seismic regions

– On a fault line

– On a flood plain

– Above ground

– With national parks either side

– Neighbouring working farmland

– Near human habitation,

– Defying traditional ownership appeals to STOP!

This is a decision that once made is irrevocable.


Start thinking was written to create the awareness in our community, start discussion and make the point that we can change our future, today.


The song has been written from “a person in the future”, looking back at us asking us what were you thinking, giving us the opportunity to change the course of events, now.


Australia has so much to offer the world.  We are fast becoming the ‘food bowl of the world”. Wouldn’t we rather make our living from our rural industry with clean, healthy food, using clean energy resources, rather than become a uranium dumping ground, making Australia “a dirty and dangerous place.”Our government is putting forward the proposed plan for Australian and in deed South Australia to become the dumping ground for the worlds spent uranium.


Audio Engineer Band Backing Track: Graham Knowles


Engineer and Producer Vocals / Final: Gabs Agostino


SINGLE: Start Thinking

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Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Clive Pollard


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