Hats and Halos

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I’d rather wear a hat than wear a halo © Copyright 

Lyrics: Suzie Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin, C Pollard, G Knowles & P Cornthwaite


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A song essentially suggesting you’d rather be alive than dead.


Inspiration for a song can come from the most unusual places and when you least expect it. This song was inspired from a painting by Ken Brayford who painted all the dogs in their family past and present. Those who had passed are wearing halos, those who are still alive and barking are wearing hats! My immediate reaction when I saw this wonderful painting was . . . “Glad I’m wearing a hat and not a halo!” Then shortly after Mark and I went on a road trip to the Kimberley and the lyrics followed based on the amazing feeling of freedom and being totally alive in outback Australia. Sometimes it’s hard to be happy when there’re so many aweful things going on in the world that make you sad. But we shouldn’t apologies for the sand in our shoes or the wind in our hair, because we will all cop bad times and in the meantime do the best we can for others less fortunate and get on with enjoying life! Tori Dewar


SINGLE: Hats and Halos

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Lyrics: Susan Craig, Music: Mark Simpkin, Clive Pollard, Graham Knowles, Peter Cornthwaite


Dust and Dreams


Heartland Rock




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