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Spinifex Blues Single Release


Spinifex Blues © Copyright 2021

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (NED) Kelly

So . . . you’re travelling down a dusty red road with that big blue sky on your bonnet.  The red dirt turns to gravel, the gravel turns to bitumen and you’re stopped by your first set of traffic lights. Daaammm!

You gaze down at your beloved boots, that have brought back mementos of where you’ve been.  Then turn to your rear view mirror for that final glimpse of  those images you can’t put into words.    If you’re feeling the tug and the collision as you look back at that vision; then chances are you’ve got the Spinifex Blues.

Spinifex Blues

Dirty Game Release

DIRTY GAME © Copyright 2020

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Ian (NED) Kelly & Mark Simpkin

Website: https://mossmusic.com.au/product/dirty-game

The land falls silent: Australian farmers battle life without rain. It as the drought stricken summer of 2018. Australia. The farmers were on their knees. It was the moment the Federal Government had to seize, but in Canberra the Federal Government was too occupied with leadership challenges, white-anting and deliberately eroding their internal foundation. They were blinded by their treachery to the heart wrenching, devastating scenes of Australian farmers, who were looking toward their elected leaders for help. But all they saw were dirty games.

Mediterranean Holiday Release


Lyrics: Ian (NED) Kelly

Music: Ian (NED) Kelly & Mark Simpkin

Get it: https://mossmusic.com.au/product/mediterranean-holiday

MOSS Keyboard, guitarist and vocalist Ian (NED) Kelly recalls a time in his younger years when he travelled through the French Riviera. It’s a region many say dreams are made of and NED has never forgotten his time there. This song is a reasonable departure from our existing playlist but it is reflective of our collective past experiences over time that often demanded versatility. MOSS Drummer Dave Anthony loves this song as it gives him opportunity to revisit his Latin genre roots. All in all, we have had a bucket load of fun writing this song, recording it and making the film clip. Our sincere hope is that you are a music lover of this genre and add it to your collection to play when you next visit the French Riviera or for the interim simply want to dream about being there.