The MOORoK 2015 Music Festival

MOSS Duo – 5th June 2015 – The MOORoK Music Festival 6:30pm


This is a major festival event, close to the hearts of the Warriors musos rank and file, their families and friends and the Riverland community. Originating as an outdoor Blues Festival on the banks of the Murray River in 2007, this event has evolved to be all encompassing, providing a brilliant opportunity for everyone to appreciate and participate in a saturation of a musical experience which embraces all the values of the Weekend Warriors. It is now held indoors in one of the most renowned Riverland live music venues, the Moorook and Districts Club (Host of Riverstock). The outdoor Riverstock Music Festival, held in November of each year, now occupies the Riverfront Park site.

MOOFEST provides over 30 hours of live non-stop music performed on two stages and kicks off on the Friday at 6pm and concludes on the Sunday night at 11pm. Entry is FREE, however generous donations are most welcome to cover costs. Regular “Happy Hours” are previlent and meals and snacks are provided throughout. This is a family friendly festival!….children are most welcome, play areas are provided for the very young.