Pippi’s Song

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Pippi’s  Song – © Copyright 2019

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly.


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Pippi Longstocking is a fictitious young girl in a series of books from the 1940’s by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.


Pippi is red haired, freckled, unconventional and superhumanly strong.

She is eloquently potent with her words, especially to adults who are unreasonable, pompous and condescending.


Warm hearted, compassionate, generous, clever and witty to the point of besting grown-ups in conversation; which threatened the ‘village men’ who stooped so low to be abusive about her looks, the way she dressed and her character.


Pippi refuses to conform as to what a child should be and is passionate about animals and the environment and will defend those less fortunate and when encountered by bullies, she’ll put them in the trees!


Sound like someone we have come to know? Greta Thunberg.


The humanity, benevolence and unconventional character of both Pippi and Greta are astonishing similar.


Mix: Gabs Agostino



SINGLE: Pippi’s Song

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There’s a spotlight on our world right now, bringing into sharp focus the consequence of decades of human activity and the devastating effect it is having.


Pippi’s Song  © Copyright 2019

Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin & Ian (NED) Kelly

Website: https://www.mossmusic.com.au


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Lyrics: Susan Craig

Music: Mark Simpkin and Ian (NED) Kelly








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