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G.A.D.A. Single Release


There’s groundswell of privileged people WITHOUT obstacles simply because of their race, religion, disability, gender or gender identify, giving a damn and have got the backs of those who have been cruelly excluded and rejected by social injustices.

Decades ago, the people we saw protesting were predominantly the very people who were crying out for a better life and to be recognised as equal in their humanity.  Now we see privileged people who once stood silently watching, nailing their colours to the mast and standing with those who have been for so long holding the placards by themselves.

Who are we as as Australians goes to the core of our being. Not just through our own achievements and aspirations of enjoying the abundent fortunes and opportunities that this magnificent country offers, but how we share those fortunes by stepping aside and letting someone else through, especialy those who have stood at that barricade for so long.

We are finding out just who we are.  Let’s give a damn Australia.

Suzie Craig. MOSS

#raisetheage #blacklivesmatter #metoo #disabilityaustralia #backtrack #ulurustatementoftheheart #familyviolence #indigenouslandrightsmovement #whiteribbon #refugeesaustralia #genderdiversity

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