PBA FM 89.7 – MOSS talks to Bianca


PBA FM 89.7 – MOSS talks to Bianca Vlahos

At this point, Ned, Sue and Mark will talk to Bianca and and in between chatting will perform three of our songs live and acoustically in the studio and we’ll play three studio tracks also inside the hour. We hope you can join us.

PBA-FM is a community radio station providing entertainment, information and access programs to the local community broadcasting from the TWELVE25 Youth Enterprise Centre in Salisbury.

We give the opportunity for members of the community to train in broadcasting and are fortunate to have an ‘army’ of volunteers from all walks of life who present programmes as diverse as the local community.

Our volunteers contribute to the operation of the station by working on a regular basis in various areas including such as on-air presentation, programme production, administration, technical, research, library, training and promotions.