Parliament House


In May, the nuclear Royal Commission recommended that SA immediately progress plans to take other countries’ most radioactive nuclear waste and manage it forever.


In response, the SA government has kicked off a massive community engagement campaign, with a roadshow to 100 sites across the state to gauge public support for this proposal.


Many South Australians are concerned that this expensive exercise is more about persuasion than consultation.


The community is simply not being told the full story, particularly about the risks we are being asked to take on.


That’s why we are launching a new petition to allow concerned South Australians to communicate their concerns straight to the Premier, with no filtering by the government ‘engagement’ specialists.


This is a critical time to speak up.

In November, the Premier will ask the SA Parliament to either proceed with this plan or abandon it.


He has said the plan cannot proceed without broad community support.


If you don’t support it, you need to make this known. Your silence will be seen as consent.